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We sell sunlight! We install across Ontario and distribute across U.S. and Canada.

PL Skylights - a skylight and roof window manufacturer.

With a Pure Light Skylight installed in your roof the natural light will come flooding inside, brightening up your room and invigorating your life.

Our Ontario-made PVC and glass skylights will transform those dark corners, gloomy corridors and dingy attics into attractive, light-filled spaces, adding to your usable square footage without the need to build on to your house or work space.

We use tinted coatings and double-glazed, low-e glass which help to keep your interiors warm in the colder months and keep the sun’s heat out during the summer.

We offer both rectangular and tubular models of custom-made skylight, depending on how much light you would like to add to your room, and the amount of roof space available.

You can choose between fixed position roof windows and fully adjustable skylights that open either manually or electronically to create a natural vacuum that draws out warm, stale air and lets fresh clean air flow in when you require.

Install our skylights yourself or our skilled technicians will assist you with as much of the installation process as you need.

All PL Skylights and installations come with a lifetime limited warranty because we have faith in our product and confidence in our reliable, leak-free, installation techniques.

Please browse through our on-line galleries to see the various horizontal, vertical and tubular models of skylight we have available to install.

We also invite you to read our testimonials page so that you can see what some of our previous Toronto customers think of our skylights and our installation workmanship. We will be happy to provide further references on request so that you can find out more about our products and high standards of work.

If you have any questions, our PL Skylight experts will be delighted to assist.

Just call us on toll free 1-866-583-0188 or (416) 503-0188 or contact us online and we’ll readily tell you everything you need to know.

Advantages of installing a Pure Light Skylight into your Home or Place of Work

  • Bright natural daylight is very invigorating and mood enhancing.
  • Light filled rooms feel and smell fresher thanks to the ionizing effects of sunlight on the air.
  • Skylights in the workplace can make employees more alert, productive and accurate.
  • More daylight inside will provide an instant “lift” to your décor, making colours appear brighter and rooms appear more spacious.
  • More natural light inside can improve your health by reducing the growth of mold, spores and other pathogens that can be noxious to our well-being.
  • Your indoor plants will thrive, becoming healthier, greener and growing more vigorously.
  • Watching the clouds and the moon and stars at night through your skylight can be very therapeutic.
  • Your skylight will make usable those spaces in your home that were previously too dark or gloomy to be of much use – such as your attic, dark corners, garage, passageways, etc.
  • You can reduce your lighting, cooling and heating costs.
  • Tubular skylights can be quickly and easily installed between ceiling joists and rafters and so require no structural alterations.
  • Skylights are eligible for the Canada Revenue Agency’s Home Renovation Tax Credits so are probably much less costly than you would imagine.

Why choose PL Skylights

  • We have been in the skylight and roof window manufacturing and installation business in Toronto for 30 years now.
  • We build our leak-proof, durable, rectangular and tubular skylights in our own Toronto facility so that we can be confident of the quality of every skylight we sell.
  • Our skylights are made out of sturdy PVC and heavy duty aluminum frames that will never peel, crack or warp and are durable enough to withstand our tough Ontario extremes of weather and temperature.
  • We use low-emissivity, argon-filled, tempered, double glazed and sealed glass for extra thermal efficiency safety.
  • PL Skylights are designed to drain condensation to the outside.
  • We provide head, step and counter flashing kits to be sure that rain, snow melt and other water runs free of your roof and skylight and never enters your home.
  • Our skylights are top frame mounted so that leaves and other debris cannot accumulate to block your view.
  • We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our skylight installations.

PL Skylights of Toronto: producing and installing high quality, Canadian-made, maintenance free skylights and roof windows that will light up your home and your life.

Telephone toll free 1-866-583-0188 or (416) 503-0188 or contact us online to find out more.

We also manufacture and install patio doors, windows and steel entrance doors.

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