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Dec 26 2013

Here Are Three Interesting Skylight Types To Go For!

If you are looking to have an added source of light to your rooms, then a great way to do so is to install a skylight. It allows plenty of light into a room during the day and also gives you a marvelous view of the stars at night. As if that is not enough, a skylight also adds to the aesthetic value of a house. If you already have a skylight but are feeling that you are dealing with too much light, you can also add some nice skylight window blinds to take care of the issue. Although it is great to have a skylight in place, people often make mistakes while choosing a kind that will suit their needs as well as the configuration of a home. Below are the different types of skylights you can pick from:

Fixed skylights


This is one option that acts as the most basic. Fixed skylights are used for one purpose only; addition of extra light to the room. Although they are the most basic option, fixed skylights are also available in different styles, sizes, shapes and color, thus meaning that you can go for a great pick that suits your preferences. They are great but generally don't add to the aesthetics of a home.

Ventilating skylights

Just like the name suggests, these skylights provide you with ventilation as well as lighting. Ventilating skylights provide ample air to your room and it is the best option for those rooms that could use the extra air. Most rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens tend to get stuffy, so the additional sources of air and light are an excellent ways to keep these rooms well lighted as well as ventilated.

Tubular skylights

They are the newest thing in the selection of skylights. It is a compact skylight, thus the most ideal for spaces such as utility rooms, hallways, bathrooms and even closets. They are available in sizes of ten inches or even less, hence a convenient and sleek option for a skylight. Although they are this small, tubular skylights still provide sufficient light for a room.

The above are the most common options that homeowners use. There are other options that people like due to their shape; the pyramid or dome shaped skylights. You can use the dome ones if you are looking for something that adds to the elegance of a home. The pyramid skylights are the best pick if you are looking for something with a contemporary look. Whichever the option, installing a skylight is a great way to add light to your rooms as well as add to the value of your home.

PL Skylights has a vast experience in installing skylights. We have easy to install skylights and roof windows which can save you money and time and most importantly, allow plenty of light into your room. If you are looking to add value to your home, then skylights can be the best bet. Contact us today for a free quote.

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