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Dec 26 2013

Why Do Homeowners Embrace Skylights These Days?


Gone are the days when skylights are considered a luxury, they offer natural light to those darker spaces and also add to the value of a home. A skylight is basically a window at heart and can also help you in saving energy. The benefits of skylights extend beyond the environment to our personal well being. Below are the reasons why homeowners install skylights in their homes:

Natural light

They maximize natural light in darker rooms. You don't have to cut down that oak tree because it casts shade over the front of your house. A skylight might let you keep the oak tree and still enjoy natural light. And skylights can brighten up a room and create an illusion of space and depth.

Cut down on electricity bill

With strategically placed skylights, you can replace the need for electric lighting during the day. They also add heat to your home, thus cutting down on the need to use electric heat. The lessened dependency on artificial lighting translates into big savings when it comes to gas or electricity bills.

Skylights are green

When you save on electricity, you are also helping in preserving environment. Today, what is trending is the aspect of building green homes; houses that are constructed with preserving nature and maximizing efficiency in mind. Although not everyone can afford all the latest innovations when it comes to green home technology, skylights are relatively affordable and can help in getting a green home. Of course you feel good if you help in reducing the carbon footprint.

Value of the home

Skylights increase the overall value of your home. With skylights, you can always count on getting back the money invested. They have a modern appeal both for their beauty and energy efficiency that they add to a home. Skylights lead to increased appeal to the interiors. Daylight provides better color, better definition of space, better aesthetics, and highlights architectural details.

Reduction of mold and mildew build up

Chronic respiratory diseases are associated with fungal and bacteria build up especially in damp spaces such as bathrooms and basements. Natural lighting can lessen the production of these harmful organisms because it is considered one of the best natural disinfectants. What other way to make this come true if not the skylights? And sun light is great in preventing vitamin B1 and D deficiencies that could cause beriberi and rickets.

Easy to install

Skylights are easy to install and can save on time as well. It is easy to include skylights in the initial plan for building a new home or any remodeling plans. Skylights will definitely transform an average home into an extraordinarily livable space.

Mood changes

Did you know that natural light is a mood enhancer? As the bodies produce vitamin D, they become strong to protect us from seasonal mood changes. And it has been proven that this light can have significant improvements in employee performance too.

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