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Aug 07 2010

A Roof Window Just for You

You want to make that space in your attic useful but being as it is too cold and damp, you wonder how to do that. What you need is a roof window. Apart from providing the room with enough sunlight to keep it warm and bright, it will also provide adequate ventilation for this space. It will also light up the room naturally and give you opportunity to watch the sky from inside your home. Unlike a skylight, the roof window will be within your reach, making for easy cleaning and manual operation. It will save you of energy costs both for lighting and heating, especially if the glass is glazed for proper insulation; this means you also contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the carbon emission from your home. Apart from its aesthetic value, this type of window is also associated with health benefits, for example, reducing your chances of suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and generally lifting your spirits. If it is not correctly fixed though, it may become a nuisance during storms allowing rainwater to leak. That is why you need expert skylight installers to handle this delicate task and you will reap the most benefits from your roof window.
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Aug 07 2010

Fix That Skylight Leak

When you had that skylight or roof window installed, you may have had the idea of stargazing from the comfort of your bed. You also wished to get some sun without having to take a walk. It held pretty well in the rainy season but soon as winter came you got an annoying leak that made you regret the installation. This is a common problem today especially with the influx of so called skylight installation specialists and low quality component. Unlike in rainy season, winter may allow for a build up of ice on and around your skylight. This may lead to condensation as a result of temperature differences between the inside and the exterior. One cause may be that the skylight window is not properly insulated and you may consider getting a replacement window of better quality. A second cause may have to do with the skylight flashing which may just need to be redone by an expert skylight installer. It may need a lot of work that may result in the spread of debris on the space below. The lesson here is to always get a professional to do your skylight installation to avoid so much hassle in future.
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Aug 07 2010

Proper Skylight Installation

When getting a roof window or skylight for your home, you need to consider seriously a number of factors. Due to their position on the roof of your house, if anything is not done right then the repercussions may be quite costly. You could easily have it leaking if it is not fixed properly; it may also be placed at an inappropriate point or even be the wrong size. Instead of conserving energy, this one could overheat your rooms during summer and let too much heat out in winter. You also want to think about the quality of material used for the skylight window because it is constantly exposed to the harshest of conditions due to its prime positioning. Its quality will also determine the insulation properties it has. If these factors are not taken into consideration you might end up incurring so much unnecessary cost in skylight repair or skylight replacement. Give this job to experts if you want durability and quality. You could get good skylight installation services for your home or replacement windows and accessories from the best manufacturers and dealers in Toronto. This will save you greatly in cost, time and heartache in the course of time.
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Aug 07 2010

Roof Window or Skylight

When making choices about the roof of your home, you may have a tough time choosing between a skylight and a roof window. The two provisions basically serve the same purpose but a few differences set them apart. First, roof windows are designed for a reachable roof. This is because they are capable of closing or opening just like the windows on your wall. A skylight on the other hand may be fixed or movable depending on your preferences. But many are the times when they are both fixed and unreachable. Other times, they are motorized or connected to sensors that control their opening and closing patterns according to the settings. Roof windows are also made with a sash meant for cleaning them. It is on the outside but controlled from the inside adding to its convenience. But the quality of glass used for the skylight is often of much better quality than the one used for windows. The skylight will also often have the provision for such accessories as blinds or shades while the roof window does not make any provision for privacy. Some are light sensitive or capable of responding to external features in a way roof windows cannot.
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Aug 07 2010

Skylights - Do you need one?

Skylights are becoming very popular among homes as each day passes for more and more people are going for it. Here we will discuss some few benefits that come with skylight installation.
  1. The first thing you notice when you enter a home with a skylight installed is how magical it makes the house look. No matter what room you have the skylight; the place looks marvelous and very welcoming.
  1. If you are one of those people who enjoy the morning sun, with a skylight you really don’t have to get out of the house. You can have it installed in your bedroom whereby the sun just hits you before you even wake up.
  1. We all know the economy is in a mess. Many people are finding it hard to pay up the bills and it is getting worse. A skylight lights up various regions in your home and you can finally turn off those light bulbs you rely on to brighten certain parts of your house.
There are many reasons you would want a skylight installed in your home so this is nothing but a good idea. Your house not only looks great but you also get to enjoy many other benefits that come with this. P.K
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