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Oct 19 2013

Tips On Proper Skylight Placement

More and more homeowners these days are considering incorporating skylights in their home. This is not a surprise since skylights could really beauty any room by allowing more light into it. However, some might find it hard to decide at which parts of the home they should have the skylights installed. Are you planning to have skylights installed in your home? Here are some tips you might want to check out:

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Oct 19 2013

Try These 3 Different Types Of Skylights For Your Home!

Skylights are basically ‘ceiling windows’ and their main purpose is to shed more light into the room. Skylights are amazing addition to every home not only for its aesthetic benefits but also since it could help improve the value of the property. They come in various styles and designs – take a look here:

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Oct 01 2013

Are There Productivity Benefits To Installing Skylights?

The electronics giant Philips has paid for research looking into whether the color of light can affect peoples’ mood. Philips installed special lights with four different colors in school classroom and found a strong link between the color of the light and student behavior. With the addition of skylights to your home or business, you can mimic the benefits by letting more natural light into a room.

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Oct 01 2013

How To Clean Your Skylights

If you have skylights installed you’ll know that they are a fantastic way to brighten your home without electricity. Natural light provides many benefits such as improved concentration and better sleep that artificial light from bulbs simply cannot replicate. Although modern skylights with low e argon filled glass units offer insulation and UV protection when clean, they will let less light through as they become quite dirty over time. It only takes a little planning and effort to clean skylights. Here we’ll look at why they become dirty and how to clean them.

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