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Dec 26 2013

Why Do Homeowners Embrace Skylights These Days?

Gone are the days when skylights are considered a luxury, they offer natural light to those darker spaces and also add to the value of a home. A skylight is basically a window at heart and can also help you in saving energy. The benefits of skylights extend beyond the environment to our personal well being. Below are the reasons why homeowners install skylights in their homes:

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Dec 26 2013

Here Are Three Interesting Skylight Types To Go For!

If you are looking to have an added source of light to your rooms, then a great way to do so is to install a skylight. It allows plenty of light into a room during the day and also gives you a marvelous view of the stars at night. As if that is not enough, a skylight also adds to the aesthetic value of a house. If you already have a skylight but are feeling that you are dealing with too much light, you can also add some nice skylight window blinds to take care of the issue. Although it is great to have a skylight in place, people often make mistakes while choosing a kind that will suit their needs as well as the configuration of a home. Below are the different types of skylights you can pick from:

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