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Feb 14 2013

Replacing a Skylight – DIY Tips for the Job

If your skylight has been damaged due to hailstorms or other causes of wear and tear, you need o hasten and replace it at the earliest. An unattended skylight with damages can cause leaks, allow pests into your home and increase the amount of dirt entering your home. The ease or difficulty of replacing a skylight depends entirely on the damage caused. The first thing that you need to check is the roof. If your roof is not damaged and will be able to support a skylight of the same size, then the replacement is a lot easier. However, if you have to make changes in the size of your skylight, you need to seek professional help. Once you have figured out the extent of the damage, you need to find a skylight of suitable size, material and type. To remove the existing skylight, you need to pull back the roof around it and remove any mounting brackets. This makes way for the new skylight. Now all you have to do is install the hardware according to the instructions provided in the manual of your kit. Be careful to maintain specifications mentioned for the type of skylight that you plan to install. When you install a skylight, make sure that you do not disturb the shingles and other elements in the roof unless absolutely necessary. You must hire a professional for the job if you are not adept at handling tools.
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