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Our Goal

Energy ECO Systems is dedicated to consistent quality service and optimum home comfort. Our team desire is to make difference in client’s life by exceeding all of their heating and cooling expectations.


Energy ECO Systems offers you the best products at competitive price, free in-home estimates, along with great customer service and complete heating and air-conditioning repair for all the models of high efficiency equipment. We want our clients to trust us and depend on us for all of their home comfort needs — whether it's heating and cooling you can rely on the expertise of our thoroughly trained technicians to keep your HVAC systems operating at their best.

Trained Technicians (NATE Certified)

Our knowledgeable and certified HVAC service technicians will find a solution to any problem you may have with your existing HVAC system. We will get your heating or cooling system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s residential or commercial, let our service department save you time and money.


  • Sales, Service and Installation of Residential and Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Provincial and Federal Rebates for Energy Saving Systems
  • Standard, Medium, and High Capacity Air Filtration Systems
  • Gas/ Heating And Cooling Systems
  • Indoor Humidifier and Quality Systems
  • Forced Hot/Cool Air Systems
  • Ductless Systems
  • Energy saving programmable Thermostats
  • Expert Trouble Shooting and Diagnosis
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs and Spring & Fall Check Ups
  • Sales of Replacement Filters and Pads
  • 24-hour repair and emergency Breakdown Services
  • Free Estimates for Replacement of your existing HVAC System

Business knowledge and HVAC expertise to help you improve efficiency, save energy, and reduce operational costs.


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Skylight Installation Services

PL Roof Windows offers fixed skylights and venting skylights. Both of these can be curb-mounted and/or framed-in-place. Our skylights installation specialist will be able to determine the best areas to install the skylights.
Fixed Skylights and Venting Skylights

PL Roof Windows manufactures custom skylights of any size. We use the highest quality materials delivering great features and benefits:
  • Condensation gutter accumulates moisture and dispenses it to the exterior.
  • 3/4” Double glazed sealed units with standard double seal, low E, Argon gas for superior thermal efficiency.
  • Extruded multi-chambers for greater strength and superi- or insulation based on the air chamber principle.
  • All PVC 4 1/4” interior and exterior frame will not warp, crack or peel, never needs painting unlike wood.
  • PL Roof Window & skylights’ frame fits into opening, won’t slide off roof and is easy to shim and square allowing for faster installations.
  • Exclusive trim groove accommodates different thickness of finishing materials.
  • Accommodates interior patented Snap on Wood (vinyl) veneer changing the appearance of interior frame finish.
  • Full length dual Duramater Snap In holds flashing in place versus traditional methods of nails or screws. It’s quick, easy and weather tight.
  • Exclusively designed to create space between flashing and frame flange trapping moisture or snow, that penetrates between joints of flashing.
  • Flange eliminates felt paper or ice shield running up towards the top of frame, for an airtight and waterproof installation.
  • Fusion welded corners, no dove tail or dadoed joint (wood frames) where moisture penetration may take place.
  • Hailstone resistant, extruded heavy duty gauge aluminum.
  • Dual weather seals for superior weather proofing.
  • Venting and fixed units provide same daylight square footage and rough opening, very important on multi-combination installations for a more attractive and esthetic look.

Skylights are a great addition to your home or work space. Skylights add an incredible natural feeling, making the room larger and warmer.

Click here to download information about Installation Instructions.


The skylight is engineered to be virtually trouble free. A good routine of maintenance will help maintain the aesthetic quality and functional integrity found in every your unit. Along with occasional cleaning, regularly check all sealant and flashing for possible failure, or erosion and check retainer screws for loosening that may introduce water infiltration. Our patented skylights are designed to function without the use of large quantities of wet sealants and/or caulking material. Some systems do, however, require the use of a sealant in specific areas. Acrylic glazed units can be sealed with urethane based sealants only - no silicone. Should the need arise; contact us prior to applying any sealants. Tighten any screws or fasteners (with hard tools only) that are intended to hold the aluminum frames in place and clear any collected debris that may have accumulated across the exterior of the top of skylights.


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