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Make any space look larger

When natural light cascades into a room, the difference is dramatic. Small spaces feel more expansive, large spaces become more tranquil. Plants become more vibrant. Textures and hues change throughout the day, as the skies change above. By simply letting the natural light in, you can recreate a living or working environment in to a luxurious space that invigorates and inspires all the senses.

The Kitchen and Garage

Skylights in the kitchen will brighten your home and provide a unique structural feature to your home. Skylights are a great feature that lets enter natural light to your environment while helping reduce electricity and heating costs. Our skylights come with low-e and tinted coatings that allow greater control of heat transmission and UV radiation; this means that your furniture will not be affected by direct sunlight. Some other options for skylights include shades or blinds, and screens for those that open.

Greater Productivity

It’s a proven fact. Adding natural light to an office environment is good for business. Not only can PL Roof Window & skylights make your work space more inviting and brighter, they will also brighten everyone’s outlook and attitude toward work. Natural light affects people in a number of ways. Employee morale is given a boost because with the introduction of natural light, you immediately create a work environment that’s more pleasing to the eye and inspiring to work in. It sends a message to your employees that you care about their will being, and it makes them feel positive about their work environment, the work process and who they work for. However, natural lighting doesn’t just make employees feel good. Studies have shown that also help make people more alert, accurate, and productive. Quality control improves and absenteeism is reduced. Ultimately the addition of natural light can affect a company’s success in the marketplace, because by improving productivity, turnaround ties are shortened, which enhances customer satisfaction giving your business a competitive edge.

When natural light cascades into a room, the difference is dramatic. Small spaces feel more expansive, large spaces become more tranquil. Plants become more vibrant. Textures and hues change throughout the day, as the skies change above. By simply letting the natural light in, you can recreate a living or working environment in to a luxurious space that invigorates and inspires all the senses.

A bright Investment

PL Roof Window & skylights are not only an investment in glorious natural light, they are also a wise financial investment. With the additional sunlight you allow into your home, you will save on heating and lighting costs. Of desired, you can pen our venting units, to create a natural vacuum that will draw warm air out and fresh air in, saving on cooling costs. All of your units come with low emissivity glass to keep the sun’s damaging UV rays out too. This protects your furniture from fading and helps keep your home cooler during the hot summer months, thus lowering your air conditioning bill.

Advantages & Benefits

It boosts your mood
When a house is bathed in a lot of natural lights, it tends to give it an airier feeling, and this has the effect of enhancing one’s mood. Natural light also makes the air smell fresher as well, which also contributes to this. The overall effect of having a good mood include being generally more productive, which is something that is worth the money that you spend on increasing natural light in the home.

It reduces the chances of illness
Most people are apprehensive about installing devices such as skylights on account of the fact that it seems too needlessly expensive.  One of the ways in which you can recoup the cost of doing this is by cutting down on the cost of healthcare. When you have a lot of natural light in the house, you are likely to get rid of pathogens such as spores and molds. This in turn reduces the risk of respiratory diseases, some of which are often very difficult to treat and can eat into your finances especially in old age.

Having sunlight streaming into the house also provides all the members of the house with vitamin D, which reduces the risk of diseases such as rickets and beriberi.

The visual appeal
If you are the kind of person who likes making their home look good, increasing the amount of natural light in it is something that you should always try to capitalize on. There are several beneficial effects of doing this. For one, natural light makes colors pop more, so you can make your house look more appealing in this manner. In addition to that, you are also likely to make the home feel a lot more spacious this way as well.

As you can see, there are many viable reasons why you should invest in making your house have a lot more light in it. The benefits of doing this have positive economic and social implications, which make them more than worth it in the long run. Therefore, you should consider doing things such as installing skylights or even bugger windows on you home in order to take advantage of this. If you are not keen on spending a lot on this, simply making sure that you shop around for the right contractors and materials will help you cut down on costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

General +
How long does it take to install PL skylight?
Normally it takes 2-3 days for a new installation. It takes a couple of hours to replace an existing skylight.
How long is the lead time?
We promise our customer the lead time for custom size skylight is not more than two weeks.
If I install a new skylight or replace the existing skylight, is it eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit?
Yes. According to Canada Revenue Agency, Installing a new skylight or replacing the existing skylight is eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit.
Is PL skylight an energy-efficient skylight?
Yes. PL skylight is an energy-efficient skylight. For superior thermal performance, PL skylight is available with a variety of glazing. Glazing Code 01 is tempered over tempered, double sealed, argon gas injected and has a LOW-E coating for superior thermal performance. For the ultimate protection and comfort our Glazing Code 02 consists of tempered over laminated , with LOW-E coating to provide safety and security , and maximum thermal performance and longevity. In both cases, the LOW-E coating was specifically designed to permit winter solar heat to pass through the glass, reducing the need for supplemental heat. In the summertime, LOW-E cuts the sun’s rays which helps reduce air conditioning costs.
Is the installation of PL skylight complicated? Can I do the inside work and you help me with outside work?
The installation is not very complicated. Some customers with roofing experience can do it by themselves with our detailed installation instructions. Also in order to save the money, you can work on the inside and we help you finish the outside.
What are the exclusive features about PL skylight?
  • Maintenance free extruded vinyl frame that will endure a lifetime
  • Vinyl frame is moisture resistant
  • White decorative interior frame for greater light distribution- painting never required
  • Built in condensation gutter
  • Economical flashing kits for multi combination (side by side or over and under) installations
  • Exterior frame Snap-On`s eliminate the use of nails to fasten step flashing to skylight frame resulting in a weather tight installation
  • Built in frame flange eliminates felt paper or ice shield
  • Frame flange prevents heat loss- makes for an air and weather tight installation
  • Fixed and venting units with identical square footage of daylight
  • Frame mounts on top of roof deck with drop in drywall retainer for quicker and easier installation- save time and money
  • Seamless-fusion welded header pan for a weather tight installation
  • Removable sashes for easier installations
  • Unique hanging system prevents sash from swaying and allows for an uniform seal
  • Screen is mounted to the top of main frame which avoids leaves and debris from being trapped inside frame
What is the warranty of our PL skylight?
We offer a lifetime limited warranty.
Where can I add the skylight?
A skylight is a great addition to a small bathroom, dark living room or hallway, an attic that has been converted into an extra bedroom, home office or play area.

Generally speaking, a skylight is basically a window in a roof and can be installed in any room of a single-storey home, or in the upper rooms of a multi-storey home.
Where is the PL skylight manufactured?
PL skylight is manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Why do you want to install a skylight?
  • Bring more light into your home. Natural light makes any room or space more enjoyable, highlighting interior design while bringing out the true colors of your furnishings

  • Expand the feeling and sensation for spaciousness without having to add square footage. Skylights transform neglected spaces into living areas, opening your home to more pleasurable living

  • Increase the value of your home. Desirable skylights add noticeable charm and character, making any home easier to sell. Plants and greenery thrive to compliment your decor.

  • Extend inner and outer design beauty. Classic in their simplicity, elegance, and indifference to every changing trends, skylights add a bright outlook to your contemporary lifestyle

  • Add pleasure to your life. Natural sunlight and fresh air influence greater health, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring a positive influence to your mental well-being.
Why should the installer use the flashing kit from PL skylight when he installs the skylight?
Flashing is an integral component of the skylight. It is designed by manufacturer to seal and shed water. Flashing membranes are particularly critical in eliminating potential damage of ice damming and water buildup in places with significant accumulation of snow. Sealants should never be relied on to maintain a seal. Water draining down the roof surface is intercepted by the flashing at the head of the skylight (head flashing) and flows down along the step flashing on the sides of the skylight. The head flashing laps over the step flashing on the sides of the skylight and projects beyond the latter, as in the chimney detail. For additional water protection, a self-sealing rubberized asphalt sheet is used as an underlay around the skylight. Step flashing is interwoven with the shingles and fastened to the skylight frame only.

Step flashing and counter flashing each allow differential movement between the skylight and roof. In cold weather, snow melting from heat loss around the skylight drains down and can refreeze downstream, causing ice damming. Water subsequently builds up behind the ice dam, ultimately penetrating below the shingles. A rubberized asphalt sheet prevents water leakage resulting from this condition. Ice damming can be minimized by reducing heat loss from the roof and skylight wall. Rigid insulation, with a minimum thermal resistance equivalent to that in the exterior walls of the building, should be provided. If the skylight walls are inclined, insulation with a thermal resistance equivalent to the roof should be considered. This reduces the amount of snow melt that could cause ice damming.
Will PL skylight help me with financing?
Yes. PL skylight will provide you with financing plan.
Will you provide some references that I can check?
Yes. Please always check references before start. We will be very happy to provide you the references.


Noel, Gary and his crew were professional, friendly and pleasant to have around from beginning to end…

-Richard Blair, Pickering, ON
This company had the best customer service and workmanship you can receive.
-Barrypearson, Toronto, ON
Noel and his team did an incredible job in a very timely and professional manner. The whole process went well and we have...
-Anglelos Labropoulos, Ajax, ON

Noel and Jom were on time, clean, efficient. He charged exactly what he quoted and the job was done, with all the obstacles he encountered...

-Saida Odenova, ON
If you want a professional job with a reasonable price tag, you need to look no further than PL SKYLIGHT.
-Hong, Richmond Hill, ON
We are very happy with our new skylight, adding light to a space makes all the difference, it was a really pleasant experience with PL SKYLIGHT…
-Che, New Market, ON
We are so satisfied with the skylights installed in our hallway and washroom…
-Mike, Mississauga, ON
We were very impressed with the final product and so were our neighbors and our friends who enjoyed it…
-Syava Mysakowle, Toronto, ON
I have nothing but great things to say about Noel and Gary who installed the skylight for me...
-William Cotton, Erie, ON
I considered him to be very knowledgeable, professional and fair minded…
-Alex, Toronto, ON

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