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Feb 14 2013

Window Treatments for Skylights – Adding Functionality and Visual Appeal

Skylights are extremely stylish design elements. They are very useful in areas like the stairway or the bathroom where lighting is an issue. Adding shades and correct window treatments will allow you to control the amount of light and ventilation in your space. Skylights also bring in a lot of heat that can be quite an issue in the summer months. Using appropriate shades will allow you to control cooling costs. These shades also add to the appeal of your skylight as they come in various materials and colors to suit your space. Shades are very important in skylights that are out of reach. You can customize blinds and shades so that they fit the skylight in your space. You also have the option of installing an electronically operated skylight blind. Although this may seem a little expensive to install, it is a convenient option for high placed skylights. The material you use for your skylight is also of great importance. If you are installing a skylight in your bedroom, for example, you may want to have the option of dark blinds to reduce the light coming in. You can also match the color of the blind with your ceiling if you want to prevent it from standing out too much.
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